A Fresh Perspective

I've learned throughout my 30 years in business that success is not an outcome of force. Instead, I’m an ardent proponent of the research-based strategies, science, and practical tools that build on “what’s working" so we are better able to engage others and earn their trust. It's through a positive lens that we define and measure success along a quadruple bottom line of purpose, people, planet, and profit; specifically and genuinely build brands from within, and create strategic paths to success that help us reach and relate to people on the emotional and cognitive levels that fuel their decision-making.

This is a great time to be in business because with change there is opportunity. I enjoy working with people who see possibilities, not problems, who want to thrive, not just survive, and have the courage to use their intuition to make data-supported decisions.

Learn more below about what I bring to my work, and let’s work together to help you attract, captivate, and motivate the people essential to your success.

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Kelly Stewart
Founder, Attractivate


With a focus on understanding what you want to accomplish, my passion is translating organizational goals into positive, engaging, and effective strategies for your organization.


Leverage my marketing expertise and leadership background. I’ve worked for small to mid-sized organizations that serve companies, non-profit organizations, and corporate foundations of all sizes in all stages of growth in both the B2B and B2E (US PreK-12 education) markets.


I’m often characterized as the "voice" of the prospect, the client, the partner, the employee... always empathetic to others’ wants and needs. It’s this type of insight that provides me with additional context for shaping the strategies that make an impact within and outside of your organization. 


Motivated to provide a high-level of trusted guidance, I will earnestly lend my experience, talents, and energy to help you realize your goals. And when faced with obstacles, I’ll always look for a cooperative pathway toward the best outcome because, ultimately, my achievement is what I can help you accomplish.

If it seems like we’d be a good fit, then let’s get started!