What is Attractivate?

It's a complete and positive approach toward earning your stakeholders' trust.

Attractivate is a marketing framework based on the theory that true success is not an outcome of force. Instead, it’s about attracting and captivating all of the people essential to your success and motivating them to take the next step to work with you, or for you, or to invest in your company, or refer others to you, or support your cause.

It requires trust, and so, how your company creates real value for others should be apparent from every vantage point. In doing so, it cultivates relationships to set the stage for long-term success.

Attractivate is also a process that that incorporates proven, positive business practices to . . .

  • define and measure success against a quadruple bottom line of purpose, people, planet, and profit
  • specifically and genuinely build your brand from within
  • create a path to success with strategies that build on what works
  • help you reach and relate to people on the emotional and cognitive levels that fuel their decision-making

Download the eBooks below and get inspired to say goodbye to the sales funnel, energize your team, and create long-term, sustainable successes in ways that feel natural and achievable; because they are.

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Downloadable eBooks for leading-edge thinkers in business.

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Learn why becoming more authentic about your brand ignites marketing results today.

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Develop your marketing strategy by building on what works, not fixing what's broken.

Cover Image_Measuring the Value of Marketing.png

Discover the benefits of taking a more human approach to developing marketing activities.

Gauge the value of marketing along today's multi-dimensional measurement of success.

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