Make Possible Happen

The Path

I started providing marketing consulting services during an elective sabbatical. With my husband’s support and additional encouragement from close family and friends, I took time to consider possible opportunities that would let me serve others who shared my worldview of doing “good.” The consensus among my family and close friends was that it was a bold move to leave the security of my job. I agree. It was also liberating – not the act of leaving – but the process of self-discovery that led to creating my next opportunity and launching Attractivate.


And now, with a clearer path ahead of me, I intend to fully experience the excitement and joy of those I encounter along the way. I want to learn from you! Share your clever, witty, or otherwise thought-provoking insights! Let’s co-create to help and inspire others on their paths. And in doing so, let’s be part of the transformation that’s taking place in business today.


More and more organizations are embracing the quadruple bottom line – purpose, people, planet, and profit. These conscious businesses bring value to their communities while being aware of the impact they make. And it’s the leaders in these businesses and organizations whom I feel I can best support, as their business philosophies are aligned with my personal beliefs and my marketing philosophy.


I believe the path to sustainable success is in making connections with people that are natural and mutually-beneficial. Sharing valuable content and communicating it in a meaningful way are both essential elements that help to attract, captivate, and motivate an entire spectrum of stakeholders – prospective and current clients, partners, employees, investors and advocates among them. Content that considers the wants, needs, hopes and dreams of others first, communicated in a way that makes an impact, will help organizations make those long-term connections and achieve a positive quadruple bottom line. And I want to help guide the strategy to make that happen.


In sharing the background of how I’ve arrived on my current path, I hope to inspire you with this thought: make possible happen. Is there something you want to accomplish? To learn? To try? Plan it. Do it. Start today. Take the next step on your path or choose a new one, but take the step to begin experiencing what you desire. 

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Kelly Stewart is Founder of Attractivate and a marketing strategy consultant who helps organizations become more authentic in their marketing to make connections with the people essential to their success. Kelly lives in Bucks County, PA with her wonderful husband and their blended family of four children and four dogs.