Marketing With the Top Down

The good old days of B2B marketing strategies.

Remember when print advertising, direct mail campaigns, a conference booth, and cold calls consistently opened the door to sales conversations? Prospects were somewhat limited in their ability to find information. It's what made them more receptive to these tactics. The marketing work of the day was more about persistence than agility and gut feelings rather than analytics.

Since the information highway opened, we've seen countless marketing technologies and tools emerge that have changed the rules of the road. Now we need to develop marketing strategies that employ both the creative and practical use of these tools; we need to understand how the online world is shaping what decision-makers expect and want today, and that marketing now engages all of the people essential to your success, not only clients.

Today’s B2B market demands honesty.

People are informed and connected in ways never possible in an offline world. In today's increasingly transparent world, B2B prospects have easy access to more information about companies than ever before. It exhausts the notion of projecting a brand “image” that is not aligned with the brand's reality. It can leave business leaders feeling a little exposed, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Start enjoying the ride.

The road to improved marketing does not necessarily require a complete redesign and wholesale changes. It does require a flexible mindset and knowing that the decision-maker is in the driver's seat.

Igniting B2B marketing results begins with a focus on the brand as a way of meeting the expanded expectations decision-makers have today. It's about tending to or tuning up the brand and the culture because trust fuels relationships. Being authentic is vital to earning trust with employees, partners, bankers, as well as new, current, and returning clients.

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