Be Novelant

The true purpose of an audience-driven B2B marketing plan is to help you reach and relate to the people essential to your success. This can be with clients, employees, or others you want to engage.

It requires meeting your audiences where they are in their decision-making journeys – the phases they go through to discover, consider, evaluate, and select companies and solutions.  It also means creating relevant content that is self-“ish” because it’s tied to your company’s goals but not entirely self-serving in its pursuit of them.

When you have their attention, relevant content should captivate others, and so it helps to be novel.

I’m calling it “novelant.”

Recent research tells us that novelty-seeking behavior “has always been a quintessential human survival skill.” The U.S. is considered to be the “most neophilic (novelty-seeking) society in history.” Despite long-term notions to the contrary, being curious and adventurous (aka novelty-seeking behavior) is a positive trait when paired with persistence and self-transcendence. “It helps keep people healthy and happy and fosters personality growth.” This is good to know considering the plethora of new we encounter every day.

The concept of being novelant in our B2B marketing is similar. It pairs being novel with being relevant. When we focus on achieving those two aspects, we want to call on our creativity to help.

When we genuinely want to appeal to the innate sense of curiosity in others and provide them with information or advice that helps them form a vision, explore a topic deeply, or make a decision, then original ideas for engaging them must emerge – in awe-inspiring or humorous ways, with thought-provoking imagery and who knows – maybe even an interesting twist on words.

Be novelant my friends. I want your marketing to be as successful as possible.


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