Gain a New Perspective

Today's marketplace demands honesty. The potential for lasting success exists when your core values and business practices are aligned to your stakeholders' expectations.

Now more than ever, what happens on the inside of your organization is vital to telling the authentic marketing stories that help you attract, captivate, and motivate the people essential to your success. 

It’s why leading companies – of all sizes – are embracing research-based positive strategies and practices.

Maybe you’re looking to improve something within your business. Maybe you want to formalize or expand on the good things that are already happening. Excellent!

Here are three soon-to-be-released books you should check out. They’re written by leading researchers and promise a new view on age-old business challenges. Reserve them now or put them on your holiday wish list. 

Digging Deeper: How Purpose-Driven Enterprises Create Real ValueAvailable 11/30/16. Authors Dietmar Sternad, James J. Kennelly and Finbarr Bradley share “inspiring stories that illustrate that there is an alternative to a myopic and narrow capitalism that trades in inequalities, exploitation, collective burnout and negative consequences for our shared natural environment.” (Ugh.) Instead, they advocate for focusing on what they call “the 6 Ls: long-term orientation, lasting relationships, local roots, limits recognition, developing a learning community and taking leadership responsibility seriously in its very best sense.” (Awesome!)

Mastering Civility: A Manifesto for the Workplace” Available 12/27/16. From her extensive work in this area, Dr. Christine Porath knows that incivility cuts the bottom line. In this book she “provides managers and employers with a much-needed wake-up call, while also reminding them of what they can do right now to improve the quality of their workplaces.” Also, check out her website: Cycle To Civility. Take the free civility assessment – complete with feedback and helpful guidance for becoming more civil.

Awakening Compassion at Work, The Quiet Power that Elevates People and Organizations” Available 2/20/17. Scholars and consultants, Monica C. Worline and Jane E. Dutton “demonstrate that compassion confers measurable competitive advantages in areas like innovation, collaboration, service quality, adaptability, and talent attraction and retention. They outline four steps leaders, managers, and coworkers can take to alleviate suffering in the workplace and show how a capacity for compassion can be built into the structures and practices of an organization.” Positively wonderful!

Happy Reading!