Be United in Purpose

When we demonstrate that we are united in purpose with our future clients or aligned to their goals, we alleviate their perception of risk about doing business with us, and we set the stage for a more productive and sustainable relationship with them when they become our clients.

It’s true. Consider one of Aesop’s Fables…..The Bundle of Sticks. The story (as retold by me) is about an old man on the point of death. Realizing that his sons were always quarreling and afraid they would be overtaken by neighboring villagers, he asked them to bring him a bundle of sticks. He asked each of them to take turns breaking the bundle, but of course, none of them could. Then he separated the sticks, gave one to each son and asked him to break it, which of course, each could do easily. And then they quickly understood his message.

Union gives strength.

When we have strong, healthy relationships with our clients, we’re better able to serve them – to persist and achieve – which is a competitive advantage for both of us in meeting the increasingly complex and changing demands of the manufactured and natural obstacles we face.

The opportunity in marketing? Focus on the value we bring to our future clients in the context of what they want to accomplish, instead of talking about ourselves. Doing so eliminates the distance between us and helps to unite us. And when our future clients decide to become our clients, they won't feel like they’re going out on a limb. 


About Me, Kelly Stewart:  As an On-demand Marketing Director I help business owners, on-staff Marketing Directors, and HR Directors speak authentically about their brands, build on what’s working to develop audience-driven marketing plans, and measure success along a Quadruple Bottom Line. I’m also a Speaker, Champion for Positive Businesses and Practical Optimist. Mom and stepmom to four, I live in Bucks County, PA with my fun and wonderful husband and our four dogs of all sizes and strange habits. Learn how we can work together and about my approach to marketing.