Support One Another

Respect. Courtesy. If you believe we could all benefit from a little more of each in the workplace, you're absolutely right! In Mastering Civility: A Manifesto for the Workplace, Dr. Christine Porath reveals that how we treat people means everything – “whether they will trust you, build relationships with you, follow you, support you, and work hard for you or not.”

How we treat all of the people essential to our success is important. People on the receiving end of incivility tend to power down in terms of their work, or leave, and in one of Dr. Porath’s polls of 800 managers across 17 industries, 25% took their frustrations out on their customers. Yikes!

Acts of civility include pleasant interactions, recognition, and respectful exchanges that facilitate teamwork, spread goodwill, deepen relationships, and ease negotiations. Fourteenth century Latin relates civility to the "art of governing." Let's just take in that fabulous concept for a moment as we would marvel at the depth and richness of a painting. Some may say that today it's becoming a lost art. Let's not concern ourselves with that here and now. Instead, let's relate civility to "the art of governing oneself" which is good for us and benefits of our fellow citizens, clients, team members, and the many others who impact our lives personally and professionally.

When we choose to act with respect and courtesy, we’re better able to create the mutually-beneficial relationships that feel good and lead to better outcomes for everyone. For example, we’re better prepared to have the meaningful discourse that often leads to bright ideas, an increased willingness to go the extra mile for another, and improved ability to manage the unexpected.

Dr. Porath witnessed the effects of long-term workplace incivility on her father. She experienced it herself in her first job. She could have ignored or been absorbed by these acts. Instead, she’s dedicated her life’s work to promoting civility.

Let's support her efforts.

Start becoming more civil today. Build the case for fostering more civility in business, find out what to do if you’re on the receiving end of incivility, and take the civility check-up. (You might be surprised how incivility can be lurking in some everyday habits.)

Read the book and learn how to do all of this from Dr. Porath's extensive research, inspiring anecdotes, and thoughtful take-aways.

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